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Stuff We Just Can't Take

Any items that contain or may contain coolant such as Freon of any type (fridges, airconditioning units etc.) must be professionally evacuated prior to bringing it for salvage.

Safety first! Safety and environmental concerns are of paramount importance at National Salvage. Our company has established requirements for shipments entering our facility. If you have any of the items listed below please contact our scrap manager for assistance before shipping, as we do not accept any hazardous materials.

  •     Acetylene or Freon tanks
  •     Asbestos
  •     Closed Steel Drums
  •     Hazardous Scrap: (any metals that have been used in areas where designated substances, dangerous chemicals or biological agents are in or are a part of the scrap)
  •     Paint
  •     Propane Tanks must have core removed
  •     Radioactive Waste Sealed Containers Oxygen
  •     Transformers and Capacitors must be certified free of PCBs and any other residue
  •     Unclean Steel Drums (must be steamed out)
  •     Unspent Air bag containers
  •     Volatiles Ballasts with PCBs
  •     200 gallon Oil Tanks (unless they are cut in half and free of any liquids)


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